House Dem on the Senate: "There is No Way We're Going to Trust Them"

We had a very frank conversation with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on The Young Turks. We talked about whether it makes sense to reach out to Republicans or if it's a poor strategy, we talked about corporatism inside the Democratic Party and we talked about the state of the health care bill in Congress.

She had several newsworthy things to say about the health care bill. First, she was very clear on how the House intended to proceed in regards to the Senate:

"There is no way that we are going to trust them. No way. I mean, the Senate bill is dead, DOA as a stand alone bill. We are not passing that in the house. The speaker has said that. We are not passing the Senate bill without making sure that the Senate passes that reconciliation bill."

She was also pessimistic about the idea of including the public option in the new proposed reconciliation bill in the Senate:

"We don't have the votes for the public option in the Senate."

Now, remember we were told earlier that the Senate easily had 51 votes for the public option but that we needed 60 votes in the Senate because of the big, bad Republicans. Now, all of a sudden we don't have 50 votes. If it only needed 40 votes, or 30 or 20, we still wouldn't have it. Why? Because the corporations run the place. The rest is all smoke and mirrors.

Even outside of the newsworthy elements of this interview, I think you're going to enjoy the brutally honest conversation we had here with Rep. Wasserman Schultz. I don't post very many interviews here, part of the reason I'm posting this one is because I think it's enlightening in several ways about how Congress works.

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