Reporter: Pentagon Is Developing Alternative To Iraq Study Group Findings "To Give The President An Out"...

MSNBC's Chief Washington Correspondent Norah O'Donnell appeared on The Chris Matthews Show Sunday morning. During the segment of the show where Mattthews asks reporters to tell him something he doesn't already know, O'Donnell revealed new information about the much-heralded forthcoming report from the Iraq Study Group.

Partial Transcript:

O'DONNELL: Well, the Iraq Study Group, the first draft will be ready this weekend, it's going to be debated next week, it could go the President and the Congress very soon.

MATTHEWS: Is that official or is that a leak? Are you getting a copy early?

O'DONNEL: No, but they've got their first draft. We'll see if everybody agrees to it, but the Pentagon is already developing an alternative to give the President an out if he doesn't like the recommendations.

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From The Chris Matthews Show.