Reporter: Sarah Palin Tried To Ban Gay Books

Reporter: Sarah Palin Tried To Ban Gay Books

Republican running mate Sarah Palin says she's a reformer, but what kind remains unknown.

According to sources in Wasilla, Alaska, Palin tried to use her sway as mayor to censor the local library. Though then-librarian Mary Ellen Baker tells ABC News Palin didn't specifically ask her to censor any specific titles, journalist Paul Stuart attests that Baker, who was later fired, had named names. And - surprise! - one of the books had gay themes:

Stuart told PolitiFact that in a conversation with [Baker] after his article ran, she listed three titles. He said he could recall only two, and initially said they were I Told My Parents I'm Gay and I Asked My Sister. We looked for these titles; they don't appear to exist.

"Mary Ellen told me that Palin asked her directly to remove these books from the shelves," Stuart said. "She refused."

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