Reporter Shot At While Covering Shooting, Captures Terrifying Moment On Camera

Footage captured this weekend shows the terrifying moment a local TV reporter in Charleston, West Virginia, was shot at while conducting an interview about a shooting that had happened the night before.

WCHS-TV reporter Sean Delancey had been speaking to a woman on Saturday about the shooting when several shots were fired in his direction.

"I go to hit record on the camera, and I say, 'Can you tell me your full name and spell it,' and pow-pow-pow," Delancey was quoted in the station's story about his experience. "When I heard the first shot, my whole body got stiff because I knew exactly what it was. It was only when I got behind the car that I realized how close it was, because you could hear that zip."

Fortunately, neither Delancey nor the woman were injured.

A police investigation is reportedly underway.



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