Reporter Rescues Man Who Fell Into Train Tracks

A Fox 5 News reporter covering the icy, wet commute in New York suddenly had a much bigger job on his hands when a man slipped and fell headfirst onto the train tracks Tuesday.

John Huddy just happened to be on camera when he said a man lost his balance on the ice and slipped into the tracks at the Metro-North platform in Yonkers, N.Y. He and another man rushed over to try to pull the man back up.

"This was not a little guy, this was a big guy," Huddy said later. "We were desperately trying to pull him off the tracks before the train came in...we were screaming at him, 'Come on, push, push, use your legs, help us, pull pull!'"

Eventually, more people came over to help and they were able to pull the man out before the train entered the station. Huddy's news crew later praised him as a "superhero" after he told the story.

Watch the video to see the incident all caught on video.



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