Reporter Uses "SNL" Word "Strategery" In White House Briefing (VIDEO)

A reporter used a word coined by "Saturday Night Live" to mock President Bush in the White House briefing Tuesday.

"From the standpoint of leverage or strategery," the reporter said as her colleagues in the briefing room began to laugh, "how do you..."

She was cut off by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who said, "I love it how a 'Saturday Night Live' word has entered into the lexicon."

Then, in a clear reference to "SNL" newbie Jenny Slate, who dropped an F-bomb on Saturday's season premiere, Gibbs joked, "I'm gonna curse in a minute."


The word "strategery" was coined in 2000 for an "SNL" sketch about a presidential debate between George Bush and Al Gore, meant to mock Bush's inability to pronounce certain words.

Watch an excerpt from that sketch: