A Celebration Of The Professionalism Of Campaign Reporters

What are the first words that come to mind when you think about campaign reporters during an election cycle? For me, those words are dignity and distinction.

These are some of the qualities you'll see in abundance in the video above, which depicts reporters coming to grips with the arrival of Hillary Clinton's van. The traits manifest themselves in myriad ways: the serene certainty of knowing what really matters because you've been there before, the graceful bearing that comes from being a calm professional, the obvious outward projection of self-respect and poise ... they're all there.

No one is acting at all as though someone just shouted, "OH NO SOMEONE STRAPPED A LIVE GRENADE TO THIS JACK RUSSELL TERRIER EVERYONE SCATTER SERPENTINE SERPENTINE!" Everyone is comporting themselves in a way that makes you think, "Why, I think the next five hundred some-odd days of campaign coverage will be something I'll look forward to, rather than pray daily for a quiet aneurysm to transport me from this mortal plane to a place where there are no cares, just a restful peace."

If our campaign reporters have any flaw, I think you'll agree that they are almost too mannered ... too noble in their bearing, so much so that it can be pretty intimidating for the rest of us.

Look at Orange Pants. Run, Orange Pants. Run forever.

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