Reporters Capture Horrifying Footage Of Typhoon Haiyan (VIDEO)

Several news outlets have revealed devastating raw footage captured during Typhoon Haiyan on Friday, said to be the "most powerful typhoon to ever make landfall in human history."

The storm is feared to have killed tens of thousands of people, and the central Philippine islands remain in absolute destruction.

ABC News' showed horrifying footage on Tuesday from the flooding that occurred in one hotel in the Philippine's as victims struggled to evacuate to higher levels. The video shows guests of the hotel floating on their mattresses and being dragged through the water by rescue help.

"I can feel electricity in the water guys, my legs are tingling," someone off-screen was heard saying in distress.

CNN caught footage of that same hotel storm search, with shocking images of the "torrent of black water" forcing its way through the buidling. Andrew Stevens reported live for CNN from the hotel in Tacloban City.

"All around us you hear the sounds of windows breaking, you hear the sounds of large objects falling," he said.

On Monday, Al Jazeera reporter Jamela Alindogan shared her survival story on "Democracy Now" and described that exact same noise.

"The sound is absolutely terrifying," she said. "It is horrific. I mean, it’s beyond what anybody else could imagine."



Typhoon Haiyan