Reporters Should Press Coffman to Tell Us What He Thinks of Trump

After President Obama's State of the Union Address, KOA host April Zesbaugh gave Rep. Mike Coffman another chance to offer a thought or two about Donald Trump, when she pointed out that Obama had talked "about ignoring political hot air," like that produced by Donald Trump.

Coffman ignored the opening to talk about Trump, solidifying Coffman's position as possibly the only person in America who has nothing to say about the bombastic billionaire.

Coffman has now ducked five chances to condemn/praise/parse Trump (See here, herehere, one below, and one above.).

Perhaps the strangest incident occurred in Washington DC after Trump proposed banning Muslims from America. All of Colorado's Republican Congressmen condemned Trump, but Coffman simply told a Roll Call reporter Simone Pathe, "I'm not going to go there. Thanks." (Coffman had issued a statement on the topic that didn't mention Trump.)

Seriously, how can you not have anything to say about Donald, even if you're the lowest informaation voter on Earth?

And putting aside the fact that Trump is the leading GOP prez contender, who's offended most every swing voter  in Coffman's district, the Donald is a totally legitimate topic for Coffman to address.

Some of Coffman's actual factual positions align with Trump's (against birthright citizenship, in favor of a worker underclass, against raising debt limit in certain circumstances, and more). Coffman should clarify where he stands vis a vis Donald on these issues.

Why hasn't Coffman condemned Trump? It's a serious and puzzling question.

It's clear now that Coffman will continue to run from Trump questions until a local reporter, who is in a position to have an exchange with Coffman, insists on answers. With Trump surging and the key caucuses and primaries upon us, I'm looking forward to hearing what Coffman says.