Reporters Without Borders: Bradley Manning Verdict Is 'Dangerous'

Reporters Without Borders condemned the verdict in the Bradley Manning trial on Tuesday, calling it "dangerous."

Manning was found guilty of multiple counts of espionage, though he was cleared on the charge of aiding the enemy. His sentence, which could be as many as 136 years in prison, will be announced Wednesday.

"The verdict is warning to all whistleblowers, against whom the Obama administration has been waging an unprecedented offensive that has ignored the public interest in their revelations," Reporters Without Borders said Tuesday. "It also threatens the future of investigative journalism, which risks finding its sources drying up."

The organization said that Manning exposed "grave abuses" in the Bush administration's war on terror -- and that committing those crimes was more serious than revealing them. It also railed against "the conditions in which Manning has been held, his unfair trial and the lack of transparency." Click over for the full statement from the group.

Manning faced 22 charges for allegedly passing information to WikiLeaks. Aiding the enemy was the most serious of the charges, which included eight counts of espionage, five of federal theft, two of violating the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and five of violating a lawful general regulation. He was arrested in 2010, and his trial started in June 2013.



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