Reporting live from the Clinton Global

Reporting live from the Clinton Global
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Gore's Vision for a Global Marshall Plan

At the Clinton Global Initiative's opening session, former Vice President Al Gore called for a Global Marshall Plan to incentive the world for climate change. Thinking out of the box, he is attempting to bring industry, governments, non-profit organizations and everyday people together in a shared vision.

This could be the motivating factor for our diverse and war torn world. It could be the shared vision necessary to lift us up out of the murk. This Marshall Plan could unite diversity, usher in peace, and feed the world economies. Jobs would be created, industry could profit, and the developing countries could find the monies for their people's education and health care.

Government regulations must be adopted. Market mechanisms put in place like cap-in-trade. We need laws, regulations and a new treaty that take action by 2009. This could be the defining moment because we have no choice. The North Pole's ice cab could cease to exist in only 23 years.

It is time to put aside our differences and come together in this global emergency to save the planet. Gore again calls for the President of the United States to lead the world. This could be the home run for the President in the midst of the debacle of our economy and the war in Iraq.

More to come.....

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