Reports: Sebastian Gorka To Leave White House Following Outcry Over Extremist Links

The controversial national security aide appears to be on his way to a new role.

Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to President Donald Trump who generated controversy for his alleged ties to a Nazi-aligned group, is expected to accept a new role soon outside of the White House, according to multiple reports.

A senior administration official told the Washington Examiner that Gorka, a national security adviser who was heavily criticized for having links to a far-right Hungarian organization, will accept a new role dealing with the “war of ideas” that focuses on radical Islamic extremism.

Another official told CNN that it is unclear if Gorka would take another job within the Trump administration, but it seems more likely he will just leave the White House completely.

Gorka served on the Strategic Initiatives Group, an internal policy organization within the White House, in addition to his duties as a national security aide. However, a source told the Examiner that his position with that organization was only meant to be temporary.

A senior administration official told The Daily Beast that Gorka had been “entirely excluded” from the day-to-day work of the National Security Council.

Gorka was previously the national security editor for Breitbart.

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