Republican Ad Slams Obama For Focusing Too Much On Golf And Not Enough On Gulf Spill (VIDEO)

A day after President Barack Obama addressed the nation about the Gulf oil spill, the Republican National Committee released an ad criticizing his response to the disaster.

The ad highlights Obama's activities between the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig almost two months ago and his meeting with BP CEO Tony Hayward on Wednesday.

"Call BP CEO" is left unchecked on a fictitious Obama to-do list, which is filled with entries for golf games, photo ops, fundraisers and concerts.

"President Obama and his administration have dithered while the worst ecological disaster in American history has unfolded, wreaking environmental and economic havoc up and down the Gulf Coast," wrote RNC Chairman Michael Steele in an accompanying release. He called the White House response "severely lacking."

The Democratic National Committee fired back, criticizing Republicans for politicizing the situation, and took a swipe at a recent GOP scandal.

"While the President has brought to bear the resources of the entire federal government to addressing the leak, is holding BP accountable to the families and businesses of the Gulf, and is working to ensure that a leak like this never happens again, the RNC has used its resources - which are ever dwindling by the way - to politicize this tragedy. That's actually a more pathetic use of their money than table service at a sex club," Democratic National Committee National Press Secretary Hari Sevugan told CNN.

the RNC's ad below: