Republican April Fools' Day Ad Takes Aim At Democrats' 'Rainbows And Unicorns'

In a new Web ad just in time for April Fool's Day, the National Republican Senatorial Committee heaped faux praise on an unlikely target: President Barack Obama. And they threw in a flying unicorn, butterfly and rainbow too.

"He kept all his promises, unemployment is at -39 percent, our deficit is no more and global warming has been solved by replacing cars with low-emission unicorns powered by the renewable energy of rainbows," the narrator says over what me must say is a cheesy soundtrack. "Our great leader, Barack Obama, has changed the world."

After facetiously praising health care reform, the ad calls Obama "truly the greatest President ever." Then, the Republican ad gets serious.

"Promise after promise broken," the announcer says. "Don't be fooled by Obama and the Democrats in Congress, hold them accountable."

Watch the NRSC ad: