Republican Debate In New Hampshire: Worst Ever

If you can get a message to Ben Sherwood at ABC News, please tell him thanks for shutting this down earlier than anticipated. In case you didn't know, BREAKING: Republican candidates for president are generically opposed to gay marriage and abortion. The debate did not "pivot to jobs" until its last third, and it ended with a CNN-type goofball question, essentially, "What would you rather be doing tonight?"

Answers were varied. Newt would be watching "college championship basketball game." Someone corrected him and said there was football on tonight. (There is, but there's also college basketball happening.) RomneySantorum said he'd be "watching the championship game." (There is no championship game on tonight.) Ron Paul said he'd rather be reading an economic textbook. I would rather be liveblogging the experience of watching Ron Paul read that textbook. (Maybe I'd catch him publishing a newsletter!)

I came into tonight wondering how tomorrow morning's debate moderators at NBC News would manage with the task of having to stage a debate mere hours after a competitor's. But it's not going to be a problem at all! NBC News can ask questions all day long about economic issues without having to worry about getting repeats of answers from tonight.

"We are so grateful for the debate tonight," Diane Sawyer said. Who is the "we"?

(Oh yeah, and no one laid a glove on Mitt Romney, in case you're wondering. He spent most of the debate relaxing. The whole notion that Romney's competitors are going to come out, guns blazing, and take him down and/or out is the most hotly-anticipated-yet-never-occurring event in American politics right now.)

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