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Republican Jeff Flake Robocalls Democrats With Wrong Polling Place Information (VIDEO)

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Phoenix NBC Channel 12 has reported that Jeff Flake's US Senate campaign made robocalls over the weekend to registered Democrats and gave them the wrong polling place location.

The Flake campaign admits that they called more than 100,000 registered Republicans, but several upset Democrats -- who had recorded the Flake message on their voicemail -- called the channel to complain about misinformation being distributed to them. (See the TV news report below.)

Flake, a Congressman and former lobbyist, is in the midst of a hotly contested and very tight race for the US Senate against former Surgeon General Richard Carmona.

This allegation of voter suppression comes on the heels of recent stories about misinformation being distributed to Spanish speaking voters by the Maricopa County Elections Department. Two printed documents -- including the letter that is distributed to newly registered voters -- listed Nov. 6 as election day on the English side of the paper and Nov. 8 on the Spanish side. Maricopa County is Arizona's largest county and includes the Phoenix metropolitan area.

In Pima County -- home to metropolitan Tucson, Arizona's second largest population center -- a group of Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, and Independents is suing the Board of Supervisors to force them to follow state law in handling the Tuesday election. There is an ongoing investigation of election irregularities in Pima County, dating back to 2006.

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