LGBT Rights Advocates Sound Off On Why It's Getting Harder For The Republican Party To Oppose Gay Marriage

Hillary Clinton sent a resounding message to her prospective Republican opponents this week when she spoke out in support of same-sex marriage, going so far as to say she hopes the Supreme Court will rule in favor of marriage equality this year.

The declaration was indicative of the country's rapidly shifting stance on same-sex marriage since 2008, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce President and Co-Founder Justin Nelson told HuffPost Live in an interview.

"If we rewind just even eight years ago, there was very careful discussion about marriage equality and LGBT rights," he said. "It's amazing to see what's happened in the last eight years."

If Clinton nabs the Democratic nomination, whoever turns out to be her Republican opponent may feel similarly when it comes to marriage equality and LGBT rights, Mother Jones reporter Patrick Caldwell said.

Caldwell pointed to a number of openly LGBT staffers that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has reportedly hired for his still-unofficial campaign, noting, "Many Republicans who say they oppose same-sex marriage in their campaigns are being somewhat disingenuous themselves."



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