Republican Gravity

The tidal flood of joblessness outlined in this post is heartbreaking, infuriating, and this should be regarded as the rebooted intolerable acts.

Does the current Republican Party still have an ideological principle? Like, for instance, fiscal (or social) conservatism? Or, in '80s fashion, does (even) greed yet function as modern Republican Party morality; greed as in the "win at all costs" principle that Ronald Reagan used to bind various interests into one unified party? I'm asking if the modern Republican Party maintains even an amoral kind of morality? Or, failing both of these, is it more fitting to say of the modern Republican Party that it now operates as a force of nature, a force having no concept of, or interest in, the life matters of mankind, or nations, or people?

My answer to that question is: A gravitational force is the most fitted delineation for the modern Republican Party. Just think about the right-of-center towing the Democratic Party has been subjected to for the last 20 years, having been pulled off trajectory, bewildered and dominated as by a magical power, much like a meteor passing a larger gravitational field. The rightward drift of the United States' political climate seems to have been culturally driven, and seems to have been "of the people." Rhodes Scholar Democrats might point to '90s surveys and polls as their motivation that to compromise was wise in the '90s. But I remember that this cultural shift was not generated by natural will of voters, it was very precisely engineered by utilizing our predilection for tribal rage and hatred. Political operatives like Lee Atwater manufactured the right-shift and I say this act generated a nascent force that now has become gravitational in scope and threatens the people of the United States. The Republican Party is gravitational force and this is in perfect evidence now, when the surveys and polls have reversed to support a left-drift of political legislation but the Democrats seem still helplessly pulled right. This gravitational field of fear holds our government and us trapped in cowardice.

But is this voodoo conscious and intended? Is it still just clever frat-toughs with a win-at-all-cost plan? Is this just the party of "Willie Horton" commercials that was once successful by appealing to the tribal and violent parts of the human psyche continuing to do so? Are they still guided and united by this clever strategy with the goal of maintaining political might? When a U.S. senatorial candidate parses publicly on the definition of rape, rhapsodizing as to which rape is against the wishes of a victim, is this still a rational plan to win office? Do you wish you had thought of that Machiavellian genius? If not, then market-conscious morality of the Party of Nixon is gone. In that case the modern Republican Party has become amoral and non-human, both unswayable and relentless, a force, like gravity.

The modern Republican Party spent the last 44 years digging a job-depleted-economic-pit for us all, and it did not bring a ladder for itself. It is time to end them totally, drastically and without compromise, in 2014.

The modern Republican Party is no longer in control of the ancient violent spirit it conjured to win power for itself and riches for its supporters. It has now become a gravitational field dragging us all back towards the very worst fear and hatred of the late 20th century. It has become a well of white supremacist fascism and delusional adolescent machismo and it simply has to go the way of the Whigs and the Jacobins if the business of real life is to continue with any adult rationality.

Recall that gravity draws all things down against their will, and gravity imbues the material with much more weight than it merits. But gravity does NOT only relate upon material things, it bends energy also. Our best national ideas and words thus become corrupted by the unsound Republican concept that constant aggression equals safety and caught inside that gravity well: love and justice become foolhardy. But love and justice are the courageous and founding American values! Only gravity can accomplish this distortion, remember that gravity bends even time back, and so does the modern Republican Party. If you take states' rights, and the current "have-vs-have-not" economy and the trend of Republican contempt for the legislative process and expand all that out far enough you will discover yourself as a sharecropper on a feudal estate and see yourself surrendering your virgin bride as a one night tribute to the local Lord or Duke.

You say the modern Democratic Party is lousy with cowardice and the most fortitudinous men it are Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters? Maybe you say Democrats have failed to genuinely address issues to help the middle class and the poor, and the national economy, because the Democratic Senate is in Wall Street's pockets, but still Democrats they take social credits for being the Champions of Everybody while pretending to be thwarted on issues of economic justice by Republican boogeymen that they are secretly grateful for? I agree! So what? Those behaviors are human, weak and pitiable but they are human, while the modern Republican Party is a mindless anti-life force and has got to go the way of the dodo bird or we voters are simply guilty of treason and Thomas Jefferson himself will indict us on arrival in the afterlife. Sell-out limousine liberals can be dealt with later.

I believe in, and love, my God and I believe that many higher forces vie for sway on earth and I believe that gravity is one of but not the predominate one of such forces in the universe. Dark energy is one counteracting force to gravity for example. We must better define and locate that mysterious energy inside of ourselves and use it in open and passionate revolution against the Republican Party in 2014.

The issues of our time need appropriate clear discussion: social security, teacher's unions, public transportation and private securities regulation, privatized armies, Medicaid, affirmative action, terrorism and the quality of our water -- but nothing can be discussed with pure force, because it is non-rational and inorganic. Now comes the time when that force must be entirely defied and overwhelmed. The modern Republican Party is our enemy, and it is even the enemy of former Republicans, many of whom have implied so.

Our current president said famously that we can disagree without being disagreeable and that might be how things were in Hawaii. But in Chicago of the '70s and '80s things were different and I was taught that ferocity when battling for fair treatment of self and others was honorable and imperative. I am third generation South Side of Chicago, I spent some time with the former Mayor Harold Washington, and I know he would agree that the time has come for anyone with justice for all and love for life as an operating morality to get motherfucking disagreeable in battle with these Republican Party motherfuckers.