Republican Leadership: If We Spin It We've Solved It

For some reason, nearly every kid gets great pleasure from playing spinning games: sometimes it's riding the teacups at the County Fair and sometimes it is running in circles around a stationary object before trying to run straight. It's a classic game. But every parent that has watched their kid spin around and around sees it always ends the same: ultimately they fall down. In fact, it's always fun and games until they fall down.

Dear Republicans, you can learn a lot from these kids. You are about to fall down -- and from what the electorate is telling you through your historically low poll numbers -- you are about to fall hard. As the Republican leadership tries desperately to spin their way out of this self-generated shutdown crisis, they fail to see that more spin = more falling down.

But that hasn't stopped them from trying. "Let's talk about Obamacare!" "Let's talk about entitlements!" While we're at it, "Let's talk about everything ever passed by Democrats and see if we can undo them!" If it sounds political and absurd it's because it is. And many in the country agree with you.

Let's be honest. The only thing the electorate loathes more than their elected leaders failing to get the job done is their elected leaders trying to spin their way out of those failures. It's not that hard to keep a government open. It's not like the budget process sneaked up on Congress.

So Republicans, own up to it. Take some responsibility. Reopen the government and pay our debts.

Stop the spin.

For if you were the only one falling down with your decisions I imagine many wouldn't be this disappointed. But the country's credibility and fiscal stability is at stake -- and that isn't worth spinning.