The Republican Presidential Primary’s Biggest Losers, Ranked

Thanks for playing, candidates. We have some lovely parting gifts.

First of all, to all of those who fell to Donald Trump in the recently concluded Republican presidential primary, take heart! Your speaking fees are going to get a nice big bump. This is just one of the perks of running for president. “Former presidential candidate” has as nice a ring to it, much like “Golden Globe nominee." We’re assuming that this was why many of you ran in the first place.

Yet although the Republican Party was thought to have its deepest bench in decades, only one person could win. There will be wounds to lick, careers to reconsider, consultants to fire, and people (well, probably “the media”) to blame.

But some of the losers are going to enter this post-2016 primary period with brighter futures than others. Some actually made tangible gains for having endured the bitter taste of defeat. Some will take the lessons learned and steel themselves for another run. And some of them are Carly Fiorina.

On this week’s First To Last, we take stock of the fallen to see who fell the furthest. This will be of little consolation to most of you. Still, best of luck in your future endeavors.

Photos: Getty, Associated Press