How 8 RNC Attendees Really Feel About Muslims

Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric gets put to the test.

Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric has made headlines since he first announced his plan to ban Muslims from the United States, so when the Huffington Post went to the Republican National Convention, we decided to hear what GOP voters think of those who adhere to the faith.

The Huffington Post’s Sharaf Mowjood, who happens to be Muslim, walked around the area surrounding the Quickens Loans Arena to speak with convention attendees, and encountered quite a range of reactions. One attendee said he was glad to see some Muslim representation and hoped that the GOP would be “inclusive of all religions.”

“We need to protect people’s religious freedoms, [the] religious freedom to be here and practice the faith that they have,” said Steven Blanton, who was also attending the convention.

Unfortunately not every attendee’s views were quite as tolerant.

“I don’t like Muslims, I’m scared of Muslims. If I were to sit next to you on a plane it would be a very uncomfortable ride,” said Jim Pascoe.

Debra Lieberman said she agrees with Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from the U.S., which the nominee has tried to walk back after he first announced it last year.

“I believe we have a problem and yes, they should do that until we get everything under control,” she said.

Hear more reactions from RNC attendees in the video above.

This video was produced by Omar Kasrawi, Gabe Piscione, Lily Corvo, hosted by Sharaf Mowjood, edited by Maria Tridas and Terence Krey and shot by Tiara Chiaramonte, Sam Guff and Christine Conetta.

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