Republican Staffer Calls Intern Candidate A 'Hot' 'Smoke Show'

A Democrat would-be Capitol Hill intern has the opposite party looking out for her career prospects -- or at least one Republican House staffer.

Roll Call got a hold of an email said GOP staffer sent around, attempting to help his left-wing college pal. Why would she make a good hire, according to her friend? The young woman might play for the opposing political team, but she's totally "hot."

The email reads:

To: Tour Coordinators
Subject: Hot D Intern Prospect

One of my friends from college, just graduated and is trying to intern on the Hill this summer. She is a smoke show from FSU, but she happens to be a Dem so I’m having trouble finding her a spot. She’s a smart girl and has worked for FEMA. She’s real cool and gets along with everyone. If one your interns falls through or you can squeeze another in, give her a shot.

Florida ties, from Tampa.

"I’m not sure whether I should be more offended by the misused comma or the fact this person trumpets his prospective intern candidate is 'hot' and a 'smoke show,'" quipped The Frisky's Jessica Wakeman. "Just kidding, it’s not the comma."

Glad to know this staffer doesn't think that a young woman's work experience, skills or educational achievements are as relevant to getting a job on the Hill as her looks are. She's eye candy -- what else matters?



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