GOP State Representative Ripped Over ‘Despicable’ Veterinarian-Abortion Take

Authoritarianism expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat hammered Wisconsin Republican Joel Kitchens’ comments as “misogyny in action.”

Wisconsin state Rep. Joel Kitchens (R) on Thursday drew fierce backlash on X, formerly Twitter, for what critics described as the “despicable” and misogynistic way in which he argued against a potential 14-week abortion ban.

“The question is whether abortion is health care, and if you believe a fetus is a human life, then abortion is not health care,” Kitchens said during a debate on the Wisconsin State Assembly floor in footage that was shared online by Heartland Signal.

“You know, in my veterinary career, I did thousands of ultrasounds on animals, you know, determining pregnancy and that kind of thing,” Kitchens continued. “So, I think I know mammalian fetal development better than probably anyone here. And in my mind, there’s absolutely no question that’s a life, and I think the science backs me up on that.”

Authoritarianism expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat, who is a history professor at New York University, was among those aghast at Kitchens’ spin.

“Misogyny in action ― women, animals, it’s all the same,” she wrote.

MSNBC’s Symone Sanders-Townsend echoed the sentiment, writing, “Women = animals? Mmm.”

Others agreed:

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