Republican Group Uses Trump's Words On Coronavirus Against Him In Scathing Ad

Stark new video from the president's conservative critics shows how his words stack up against reality.

Republican Voters Against Trump is firing a new salvo against President Donald Trump, using his own words on the coronavirus against him.

In its latest ad, Republican Voters Against Trump pairs stark footage of coronavirus victims and healthcare workers with the words of the president as he downplays the threat and claims the infection will “disappear.”

The spot will air during the Republican National Convention later this month in the swing states of Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania, and will be promoted digitally to swing voters as well.

“President Trump spews misinformation and callousness while Americans crave honesty and guidance in a crisis,” Sarah Longwell, the group’s strategic director, said in a news release, adding that the issue “caused many former Trump supporters to look to [former Vice President] Joe Biden in November.”

Republican Voters Against Trump is one of several groups on the right working against the president’s reelection, often highlighting voices from within the party in confessional-style videos. However, Trump’s approval rating remains high among Republicans, hitting 87 percent in an Ipsos poll released this week. It’s unclear if such ads will help swing the party’s voters toward Biden.

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