Republican Group Uses Reagan's Words To Make A Powerful Case Against Trump

One of Reagan's most famous speeches gets turned against the president.

A group of President Donald Trump’s critics on the right is out with a new video and this one uses the words of former President Ronald Reagan to make the case against Trump’s reelection.

Republican Voters Against Trump typically highlights voices of current GOPers who are fed up with Trump and ready to cross party lines in November to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden. But this new ad features Reagan, using excerpts from his “A Vision For America” speech, given the night before Election Day in 1980.

The video mixes his words from 40 years ago with news footage from today to create a damning indictment of the Trump presidency:

Republican Voters Against Trump is one of several anti-Trump groups working against his reelection. Others include The Lincoln Project, best known for producing viral anti-Trump videos, and Republicans for a New President, which is holding a virtual anti-Trump convention at the same time as the Republican National Convention next month.

Earlier this month, alumni from the administration of former President George W. Bush also announced their own PAC to work in support of Biden.

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