It's Not Easy Being GOP, Says GOP

A new ad campaign for the latest group of Americans to feel disenfranchised notes that its members are just like normal people: They read The New York Times, listen to Spotify, shop at Trader Joe’s, drive energy efficient cars, have tattoos and beards and, most importantly, “have feelings.”

So who are these unfairly maligned citizens, who, according to their website, are viewed as being worse than Genghis Khan?

Republicans. And they’d like you to stop bullying them just for being different.

The campaign, which was initiated by the Plano, Texas-based Glass House Strategies, encourages Republicans to post pictures on Twitter and Facebook of their bougie activities with the hashtag #ImARepublican.

"I've been called almost every awful name in the book on Facebook, it just seems sad that the angry discourse that happens in Washington, D.C., has just trickled down," the firm's founder, Vinny Minchillo, told The Huffington Post Wednesday. "It's a way for us to step back and say, 'Hey we're all people; Republicans walk among us; we do some things that you would not associate with Republicans.'"

Minchillo, who worked for both former presidential candidate and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former President George W. Bush's campaigns, said that the effort has no paid advertising behind it.

"We're trying to let it get out there organically," he said. "It's been a really interesting process."

The response to the campaign has only just begun on Facebook. One woman posted a photo with the caption "art teachers are Republican too" while another sent in a submission about being a volleyball mom.



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