Republicans, Democrats Favorite TV Shows (PHOTOS, POLL)

Democrats and Republicans disagree on a slew of issues—one among them: favorite television shows.

Research group Experian Simmons conducted its annual consumer preferences study, which highlights favorite television shows of survey responders based on political party affiliation. Researchers surveyed groups of self-identified "conservative Republicans" and "liberal Democrats." For this study, Republican and Democrat were defined as such.

Democrats and Republicans did not have one favorite news or entertainment television program in common. Republicans' top ten favorite news programs were all on Fox News. Similarly, seven out of the top ten news programs favored by Democrats were on MSNBC. Democrats also favored PBS' "Newshour" and "Frontline," as well as NBC's "Meet The Press."

The study also included favorite entertainment shows. Republican respondents favored both scripted and reality programs centered around cars, home repair and competitions. Speed network's "Barrett-Jackson Auction" and PBS' "This Old House" were among Republicans favorite entertainment shows. Syndicated television show "The 700 Club," which is shown on The Christian Broadcasting Network, was also favored by Republicans.

Democrats leaned towards completely different programs. Comedy Central heavyweights like "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" topped the list for Democrats' favorite entertainment shows. Democrats also gravitated towards comedic scripted television shows like "30 Rock" and "Parks and Recreation."