Republican Coronavirus Supercut Serves Up Words For Trump To Eat

"We need a president who tells the truth. Our lives depend on it," says the video ad by Republicans for the Rule of Law.

Republicans for the Rule of Law on Thursday dropped another scathing video about President Donald Trump, this time ridiculing his remark that he was battling the coronavirus threat right from the start — when the rest of us heard him calling it a “hoax.”

The ad will run Friday morning during “Fox & Friends” on Fox News.

In the video, Trump insists that 15 cases in the U.S. last month would quickly drop to “close to zero,” that they would be gone by April or would disappear “like a miracle.” Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow insisted in a clip from last month that the coronavirus was “contained” (and later urged American to “stay at work”) before anyone died of the illness. The U.S. death toll was at least 150, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As Trump and Kudlow speak, a meter keeps ratcheting up the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. from one in late January to 6,421 as of March 15. (As of Thursday there were more than 14,200 cases.)

The video ends with the screen message: “America needs a president who tells the truth,” adding: “Our lives depend on it.”

Leaders communicating during times of crisis need to “be first, be right, be credible,” said a statement from the anti-Trump group led by conservative commentator Bill Kristol. “President Trump has often been first, but he had seldom been right — and he has never been credible,” it added. 

Check out the video up top.