GOP Group’s New TV Ad Urges Republican Lawmakers To Speak Out Against Trump

Republicans for the Rule of Law wants GOP lawmakers to hold the president accountable.

A conservative organization just launched a new ad campaign targeting vulnerable Republicans in the Senate and demanding that they speak out against President Donald Trump.

The spot from Republicans for the Rule of Law features a quote from Vice President Mike Pence, who said during the 2016 campaign that “foreign governments cannot participate in the American political process.”

But as the ad points out, Trump asked both Ukraine and China for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The ads will air in the home states of a dozen Senate Republicans, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah), as well as in the districts of 15 House Republicans, such as Rep. Bill Flores (Texas) and Rep. Mark Amodei (Nev.).

Republicans for the Rule of Law spokesman Chris Truax said Trump’s decision to seek dirt on his rivals from Ukraine and China was “fundamentally unAmerican.”

“Congressional Republicans must speak out against President Trump’s abuse of power,” Truax said in a statement. “They need to do it publicly. They need to do it clearly. And they need to do it now.”

Republicans for the Rule of Law has launched a series of campaigns against Trump as well as GOP lawmakers who support him. Over the summer, the organization’s ads called on GOP senators to pressure Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) into allowing a vote on election security bills.

McConnell ultimately relented in the face of bipartisan pressure.

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