Republicans, Get In My Vagina: Kate Beckinsale Satirizes 'War On Women' With Funny Or Die (VIDEO)

WATCH: Do YOU Want The Government In Your Vagina?

With the War On Women abreast, both sides of the aisle have accused the other of cynically bringing women's health issues to the forefront of political debate in an election year. But over the last few months, it seems clear that Republicans are choosing this moment to drastically overhaul existing reproductive and female health laws. And Funny Or Die is finally giving voice to the voiceless -- the millions of women who want Republicans to make decisions about their vaginas for them.

Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage are just your typical Republican women who want nothing more than small government in every regard -- except when it comes to their private areas. "Way, way deep, up there in my vagina," Greer says.

While most women might find it distressing that legislation has popped up across various states that would restrict affordable birth control and enforce invasive ultrasounds before going through with an abortion, these women find them to be refreshing.

After all, who knows better about reproductive health than a bunch of old white men? "Don't you want someone like your dad in your vagina? I do," says Beckinsale.

Funny Or Die proves once again that no argument is more effective than a funny one, even if it includes Kate Beckinsale talking about her dad being in her vagina.

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