Republicans Are Your Friend Who Borrows Money To Pay Bills And Then Posts Vacation Pics

Their core ideology is squarely in "f***boy" territory.
Congressman <a href="" target="_blank">Paul Ryan</a> after being introduced by Mitt Ro
Congressman Paul Ryan after being introduced by Mitt Romney as "The Next President of the United States"

The Republican Party as a unit, for all of its rich history and “great leaders,” is still a party whose core ideology, with or without Trump, places them in the f*ck boy territory.

Anyone that believes in common sense policy and mathematics needs to understand this; the Republican party is really f*cking problematic. Without Trump, your average GOP platform consists of policy that supports gay conversion therapy, stripping women of their right to choose, voter suppression laws, gerrymandering that compresses black and brown votes into small districts to dilute their political power, undermining the power of collective bargaining to weaken or break unions, and supporting tax cuts for the rich that crippled working- and middle-class families. They have been able to get away with it for so long because they are amazing at messaging.

Put it like this: Republicans are the friend that borrows money from you to cover a bill, then posts vacation pics on Instagram and accuses you of being a hater when you ask for your money back. They’re the “f*ck boy” who spends their day on Facebook making fun of “people who don’t wanna hustle” when they live with their mother and don’t pay their own bills. They’re the uncle who comes to your cookout without a dish, but packs two plates to go and complains about the seasoning. I could continue the slander for days, but let’s take a fact-based look at this foolishness.

GOP Theory- You cut taxes for businesses and the rich, in turn, they will take that money and create jobs to stimulate the economy.

Reality- The super rich and big businesses get this money and hoard it for themselves. Republicans will sit here and straight up tell you how much they care about putting money in people’s pockets, but they’re about as reliable as your ex who started working with Herbalife.

Their economic policies are straight up trash. 

In 2010, Kansas elected a Tea Party Republican by the name of Sam Brownback, to be their governor. He promised that by cutting taxes for businesses and the rich, everyone in the state would benefit. After being elected into office and then having a Republican assembly and senate, the Governor signed off on the biggest tax cut in the state’s history. Ninety percent of the cuts benefited the top 10 percent of earners, or in other words, the super-rich. The plan failed, and since the cuts, Kansas has faced almost yearly budget deficits and was sued for its lack of funding for public education. The New Republic does a great job of detailing the damage:

By June of 2014, the results of Brownback’s economic reforms began to come in, and they weren’t pretty. During the first fiscal year that his plan was in operation, which ended in June, the tax cuts had produced a staggering loss in revenue—$687.9 million, or 10.84 percent. According to the nonpartisan Kansas Legislative Research Department, the state risks running deficits through fiscal year 2019. Moody’s downgraded the state’s credit rating from AA1 to AA2; Standard & Poor’s followed suit, which will increase the state’s borrowing costs and further enlarge its deficit.

I’m not calling them racist, but they tend to do racist ass stuff.

GOP Theory- ”We can’t be racist, we’re the party of Lincoln. Just look over there, we have one N***** black Republican.

Reality- Republican policies are so racially focused that the actual policy acknowledges success by the number of People of color it disenfranchises.

Listen, I’m not saying that the entire Republican party is racist. Hell, I’m not even saying that 75 percent of the Republican Party is racist. However, they support policies that are fucking racist  problematic. For example, look at North Carolina, where the GOP-controlled legislature passed a bill aimed at addressing “voter fraud” even though there is almost no voter fraud in the entire state. As a result, this bill grossly disenfranchised the growing black electorate in the state. Think I’m joking? Even some white people thought the laws were problematic. Vox did an article on the Fourth Circuit US Court of Appeals’, decision to overturn the law, and here is what they said:

The federal appeals court pointed out that in the process of constructing the voter identification law, the state legislature not only requested data on the voter practices, which included race, but the changes to voting practices also seemed to use that information to target voters based on race.

“In particular, African Americans disproportionately used the first seven days of early voting,” Motz wrote. “After the receipt of this racial data, the General Assembly amended the bill to eliminate the first week of early voting, shortening the total early voting period from seventeen to ten days.”

They have purposely refused to work with President Obama, just to make him look bad.

GOP theory- Barack Jaquan Hussain Obama is a socialist and refuses to work with us.

OK, so we discussed their economic policies, as well as their racist voter policies. Now it’s time to point out their overall refusal to put our country first. When President Obama was elected in 2008, the top leaders of the Republican Party created a strategy aimed at making him look bad and a one-term president. How did they do that? Well, they refused to govern, criticized Obama for anything he did, trashed common sense policies like the Jobs Bill, and finally created an atmosphere that led to the Republican nomination of Trump for president.

Like I said, they’re f*ck boys.

I’m sure there is a random black Republican in your ear right now telling you that the Republican Party “’isn’t that bad” or “Hillary is worse.” Don’t listen to them. Yes, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party have problems and need to be checked. We may even need to take our support away from them. But the Republican party is not the answer. You wouldn’t break up with someone who kept lying to you for someone that’s going to cheat and steal your credit card info, right? That would not make sense. So before you grab a registration form to “lean right,” remember, your current bae (the Dems) might be acting up, but the GOP is not a real option.