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Repurposing Ideas: 5 New Uses For Vodka

Although we are partial to its original purpose...
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In the spirit of the holidays, this week we're regifting one of our favorite items to repurpose: vodka! Here are five more uses for vodka around the house, for those times you can't find any rubbing alcohol.

If you need to refresh some clothing but don't have the time to launder it, you can use some vodka. In a spray bottle, mix one part vodka with one part water. Spray the garment lightly. The best part is it doesn't leave a scent.

If you have some rust accumulating on an antique key or hardware, don't fret. Instead turn to the vodka bottle! Let the items soak in vodka overnight, and the liquid breaks down the rust.

Let's face it; poison ivy isn't fun. It turns out that urushiol -- the chemical produced by poison ivy that makes you break out -- is alcohol-soluble. Just wipe a little vodka on the affected skin soon after the exposure and it will not only soothe, but help you recover quicker.

Our reader Alida E. Greenhaigh shared a great way to use vodka, water and anise to make a spray to repel pesky bugs. The combination of the scent and flavor is enough to deter most creepy crawlies.

You may have heard of 'beer goggles' but did you know you can use vodka to clean your glasses? Just pour a dab onto a clean cloth, and use it to wipe down your lenses. It does a great job removing any grease and smudges.

To see all of these 5 uses for vodka in action (and check out our previous installments of Chris Barnes' "5 Uses For...") click through the slideshow below.

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