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Repurposing Ideas: 5 New Uses For Keys

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Chances are, you have a bunch of keys that are no longer useful. I have a set for a 1994 Ford Escort that I don't even own anymore. And while the emergency key to a house that my friend was renting is still kicking around, the house itself was torn down. My parents inherited a box of keys from my grandmother that no one really knows what they go to.

So what do you do with old keys? I asked around and came up with these great repurposing ideas. Which ones would you try?

repurposing ideas
Photo from Flickr user jasleen_kaur.

Key Rack
How ironic is it that an old key's final use is holding other keys? Just bend the keys into a 90-degree angle and mount them to board and you'll have an awesome-looking key rack. Don't believe me? The Sierra Club has these great instructions for a completely reclaimed key rack!

Key Jewelry
People have been incorporating keys into jewelry since they've had extra keys. Usually they are added to necklaces, and more daring crafter/jewelers incorporate them into cuff-links or earrings (I wouldn't, as I'd assume they would be too heavy for your poor lobes). Hint: Older keys look a little nicer for this use than their modern counterparts.

Memory Frame
Young House Love came up with a great way for you to incorporate the old keys of places you and your partner or family have lived. You can mat and frame them, making a memento of all the places you have called home.

With some other household items, you can turn those stray keys into a really cool outdoor windchime. Check out Urban Threads to see how to make one yourself.

Accent Decorations
Have a boring picture frame or storage box? Many people affix old keys as decorative accents. Whether you want to use them sparingly or go hog wild, its up to you!

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