Repurposing Ideas: 5 Uses For Cards That Don't Involve Gambling

5 Uses For Cards...Beyond Poker
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I was going through a box of random junk and came across multiple decks of playing cards. Unfortunately they're pretty worthless; out of the three packs I found, none were complete. And everyone knows there is nothing worse than playing a game with missing cards.


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Instead of throwing them out, I thought of a bunch of different unintended uses for the cards. These are some ofthe Ideas that I like. Do you have any? Please feel free to share at the end.

Seating Chart
Thinking of a way to get people to their assigned table? Use playing cards. Incorporate the playing card into the seating chart, with everyone with the same number of even suit sitting at the same table.

Training Buddy
Playing cards can't replace a personal trainer, but they can add some randomness to your workout. Try shuffling the deck before you start your workout, and do the number of reps based on what card you draw. Six pull ups. Ten one armed pushups. And so on. This makes every work out different.

Device Case
When the iPod came out, one of its marketing points was that it's smaller and lighter than a deck of cards. That said, it's only fitting that you can make a case for an iPod, a phone or other digital devices out of old playing cards. Instructables has a great guide to makine one. You can also use this small case to hold your digital camera's memory cards in.

Awesome End Table
Do you have a friend who loves going to the casino or going out for poker night? You can decorate a small end table with playing cards and a little bit of decoupage. This creates a one-of-a-kind piece for your pal, and is a creative way to get rid of tons of old playing cards.

Do your children play Pokémon or one of its infinite spin-offs? You can make them a deck holder using some of their duplicates or low powered cards (always check before you destroy someone's level 22 Pikachu attack). Whether you decoupage the cards to a pre-made deck holder or a custom one, it's sure to be loved.

Do you know of any clever uses for playing cards? Share them in the comments!

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