Reputation is Cyber Security is Digital Marketing

Reputation is Cyber Security is Digital Marketing
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The connection between one's reputation, whether an individual or company/organization; and cyber security is real and persistent. The more that one connects to devices, and connects those devices to the internet and social networks the more this becomes true. This is exponentially true for organizations and networked companies/governments/non profits.

Not only is the cyber attack surface area ever widened, but so is the reach of digital marketers into you and your organization with each set of connections. Whether it is through tracking for ads, geo targeting or things like beacons, proximity awareness or previous visits in browsers to other digital outlets; persistent tracking that comes along with digital marketing is part of the cyber security and reputation security landscape for all of us.

So what happens when something that was not online; suddenly appears and re-arranges the alchemy of search results for you, for your company, or group? Is there a response plan? Have you any clue of what to do? Or is it something you never could imagine happening in a million years, and suddenly you need to call an expert to fix it for you? You have to apply cyber security and reputation security tactics and strategy; along with a digital marketers approach to putting the delicate alchemy in your favor.

But what happens what someone/some group intentionally puts fake or false information out there, and tries to tie you in some way to something nefarious or illegal or immoral; but in which you have nothing to do with the situation at all?

Or when some legal documents get dumped on the internet or when a video camera gets hacked or a "hot mike" situation with a recording device? All of these factors can instantly re-arrange the alchemy of search results; and sometimes bring media, legal or political attention that is totally unwanted or unmerited.

Nation state generated attacks thru social media, fake news and or "leaks" can be devastating to an individual, a company or an organization. The short term effects can overwhelm even the biggest companies and government organizations. The long term effects can lead to bankruptcy, loss of time, money, intellectual property, and even criminal situations.

Same is true for non nation state but well funded attacks and digital crisis that are intentionally caused. Same is true for attacks coming from really pissed off former employees, vendors, opponents. The age of artificial intelligence is creating a permanent situation where long forgotten documents are proving long made allegations, and making it so really nothing is hidden anymore. The cost of projecting such attacks is rapidly decreasing thus making it easier and easier for non nation state players to create nation state like attacks.

Digijaks specializes in creating digital crisis communications plans, training and crisis response technology and tactics. The mix of the need cyber security, reputation management and search are now a permanent part of society. You need to take specific steps before anything happens. Create a plan to deal with a reputation/cyber attack, and be ready to respond if anything happens. This includes attacks thru social media, brand-jacking, or fake accounts pretending to be you or your organization.

Multiply this on a scale factor depending on the size of your organization or group. Ignoring the needs of either cyber security or reputation security is asking for trouble. Ignoring the combined needs is asking for a search related disaster, in addition to whatever other problems might be caused by either cyber or reputation breach.

Prepare, Plan, Attribute. Respond. But this only works if one looks at cyber security and reputation security as one - if kept separate, then one failure on either side of the equation will alter this delicate alchemy.

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