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Couples Reread Their Wedding Vows To Each Other In Touching Video

This would make a really sweet anniversary tradition.

Wedding vows are one of the most powerful declarations of love people make in their lifetime.

Five couples got to relive some of that big day romance in a new video for, when they were asked to reread their vows to each other.

Look at that adoring gaze! 
Look at that adoring gaze! 

Some were poignant:

“You love me through thick and thin, good and bad. No matter how difficult life seems to get, I can still find comfort with you,” one man said.

Others incorporated a touch of humor:

“Let us continue being best friends, lovers, and grow to be the coolest old people ever,” a woman said.

Watch the video above ― which features couple Keone and Mari from “World of Dance” ― to see what the rest of the pairs had to say.

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