Couples Reread Their Wedding Vows To Each Other In Touching Video

This would make a really sweet anniversary tradition.
07/11/2017 05:12pm ET

Wedding vows are one of the most powerful declarations of love people make in their lifetime.

Five couples got to relive some of that big day romance in a new video for, when they were asked to reread their vows to each other.

Look at that adoring gaze! 

Some were poignant:

“You love me through thick and thin, good and bad. No matter how difficult life seems to get, I can still find comfort with you,” one man said.

Others incorporated a touch of humor:

“Let us continue being best friends, lovers, and grow to be the coolest old people ever,” a woman said.

Watch the video above ― which features couple Keone and Mari from “World of Dance” ― to see what the rest of the pairs had to say.

Wedding Night In One Photo
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