Rescue Dog Helps Save Scrappy Kittens' Sight, Gains Two New BFFs

Jemmie donated blood to treat the stray cats.

Rescue dog Jemmie has made friends for life in these stray kittens.

The Shih Tzu Lhasa apso mix is not only playing mom to the scrappy little ginger cat and his sibling, but also donating blood to help save the pair's eyesight.

The two young kittens were recently brought into Sacramento SPCA after being found dumped in a California back yard.

Veterinarians discovered one of the pair had ulcers in his eyes. Left untreated, he'd most likely have ended up completely blind.

To save his eyesight, medical staff took blood from Jemmie, whose owner is SSPCA foster care coordinator Sarah Varanini.

Veterinarian Dr. Laurie Siperstein-Cook said the team used the blood to develop a serum that "blocks the enzymes in the diseased eye that damage the cornea," and applied it to the kittens' peepers.

The blood could come from a cat, but the amount needed means it's better to obtain it from a larger dog. Veterinary staff will find out if the treatment has been effective in a few days' time.

It's not the first time that the adopted dogs of SSPCA staff have donated blood to help save kittens' eyes, Varanini told The Dodo. "We have done this for several years and have helped a countless number of kittens."

Varanini said Jemmie was on hand to play, cuddle and lick the recovering strays clean. "She's giving back to kittens, and there's nothing she loves more in life than kittens, so I know she would love to do it if she could talk."

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