Rescue Dog Hilariously Avoids Bath Time

By Stefanie Baum, writer at

I have three rescue dogs at home, and when they hear the words "bath time," they all start running so that I can't catch them and get them into the tub.

It seems they'll do anything to avoid bath time, but they haven't been smart enough to drink up all the bath water like the genius rescue pup in the video below! This doggie mastermind loathes the loofa like you can't even imagine, so to try and avoid a bath, he gets his other four-legged rescue pals in on the water-drinking coup. Much to the dogs' chagrin, he still winds up getting a soapy scrub-down by his foster parent... but it's for his own good!

Not all dogs enjoy bath time like this adorable gentle giant or this fox-lookalike little dog lounging in soapy water, but bath time is extra important for rescue doggies that are hoping to get adopted. This water-phobic dog was rescued by Howl for a Dog, a not-for-profit animal rescue located in Romania that works to save abandoned, abused, and neglected animals. You can learn more about the organization on their website, or you can donate or sponsor a pet. Stay in the loop with Howl for a Dog on their Facebook, too.

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