Fashion Magazine Covers Revamped With Rescue Pups Are So Fetch

Off the leash.

These chic pups have found their place in the spotlight, but now it's time to find them a home.

Polish advertising agency Ostrosiostro recreated iconic fashion magazine covers with rescue pups as the featured stars, in a campaign called "Pop psu ta moda." Using 25 covers from titles including Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, the agency hopes to showcase the dogs in a bright and beautiful light, and raise funds to help 16 shelters in the country.

“[Many] campaigns show unwanted, abandoned dogs as sad,” Pawel Cichon, the agency’s founder, told The Huffington Post in an email. “I wanted to tell their story in a very positive and visually appealing way.”

Ostrosiostro promoted the photos on its website, as well as Facebook and Instagram, and will be showcasing prints of the covers at an upcoming fashion show in Warsaw. Since the campaign’s launch in August, about 70 percent of the canine models have found happy homes.

“Fashion and celebrities define beauty," Cichon said in the campaign's statement. "We wanted to take a little bit of that and change people’s perspective on shelter animals."

Scroll through the covers below to check out the fierce canine couture.


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