Dozens Of Shelter Dogs Survived A Plane Crash And Are Seeking New Homes

An airplane carrying 53 dogs went down over a Wisconsin golf course this week, but all canines and humans who were aboard are now safe.

A Wisconsin plane crash had a happy ending this week after all three humans and 53 dogs aboard the aircraft survived.

The twin-engine airplane went down over a golf course in Wisconsin’s Waukesha County on Tuesday, with its wings ripping off entirely as it smashed through the trees, CBS News reported.

“This was a relatively catastrophic landing,” Matthew Haerter, an assistant chief at Lake Country Fire and Rescue, said at a press conference, per The Washington Post. The cause of the crash, which occurred under heavy snow conditions, is under investigation.

The plane was flying from New Orleans to transport the dozens of dogs from crowded animal shelters in southern states to Wisconsin, where they might find homes more easily.

The three people aboard, and some of the dogs, suffered minor injuries. The animals are doing “remarkably well,” Maggie Tate-Techtmann, the director of organizational development at Waukesha’s Humane Animal Welfare Society, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“Some are already out having fun in the snow and are on the road to finding their forever homes,” she said.

However, Tate-Techtmann noted to BuzzFeed News that shelter workers are still unsure how the accident may affect some of the dogs behaviorally.

Twenty-one of the animals were taken in by the Waukesha welfare society, while the others went to the Humane Society of Jefferson County, the Humane Society of Sheboygan County and The Washington County Humane Society.

Many of the dogs are now available for adoption, and some have already found new homes.

At least three dogs went home with the first responders who came to their rescue after the plane went down, reports Fox6 News in Milwaukee. Firefighter Elle Steitzer welcomed a puppy named Lucky into her home. Tony Wasielewski, a deputy fire chief, adopted a dog named Marley who leaped into his arms in the wake of the crash. Firefighter and paramedic Amber Christian, meanwhile, brought home a puppy named Artemis who had crawled into her lap.

“He just came into my lap and that was it,” Christian told the news station. “He’s the one.”

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