Man Builds Rescue Tortoise Its Very Own 'Jurassic Park'

"I am determined to give him a better life now."

Move over T. Rex. Louie the leopard tortoise is the only animal allowed inside this "Jurassic Park."

Louie's owner, Oliver Turpin, didn't want his rescue pet living inside any old cage.

So he built him this beautiful miniature replica of the fictitious dinosaur theme park featured in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster movie.

Behind the replica of the iconic "Jurassic Park" gates, the pet reptile has a seeded grazing area and tiny pool to bathe in and drink from.

There's even a visitor center, made out of cardboard and lollipop sticks, with enough room around the protective (and presumably non-electric) fencing for a planned extension.

"He was 'rescued' from a family that really didn't take good proper care of him, so I am determined to give him a better life now," Turpin, from East Yorkshire in northern England, wrote on Reddit.

Turpin posted a video showcasing Louie's new home to YouTube on Monday that's now going viral.

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