Rescued Ducks Encounter Water For The First Time (VIDEO)

WATCH: Rescued Ducks Take Their First Swim

Two dozen recovering ducks were able to swim for the first time ever after being rescued from a horrible hoarding situation. reports that the ducks were rescued from a hoarder who'd been keeping more than 160 birds in filthy and overcrowded conditions. The ducks had never even seen water before.

The Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, in Woodstock, N.Y., has since nursed them back to health -- repairing infections, injured feet, and malnutrition.

The toughest part, though, was teaching the ducks how to swim. In the video, you can see that they're a bit hesitant at first, but become comfortable once they get in the water.

Watch the heartwarming video above. It may make you want to adopt one of those adorable ducks.

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