After Being Saved From A Farm, This Little Mink Discovers The Joy Of Being In Water

This Rescued Mink Just Discovered The Joy Of Being In Water

This 4-month-old mink named Zodiac was destined to be somebody's coat, but it looks like he's going to have the chance to be a world-class swimmer instead.

In this video from YouTube user camelsandfriends, Zodiac, who was rescued from a fur farm earlier this summer, excitedly hops in and out of a small tub. When the mink, a semi-aquatic animal, is seen swirling around in the water, it's adorably clear he's where he is meant to be.

Zodiac is young yet, but in an older clip, his owner says she's planning to give him an outdoor enclosure when he's full-grown, and, if he's social enough, maybe involve him in some anti-mink farming outreach.

This little guy may still just be getting his feet wet, but we're confident he'll make a splash.

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