How To Let Go Of Resentment

When we are hurt, it can be very difficult to simply forgive and forget. We feel pain, anger, sadness or guilt over things that people have said or done to us.

Or perhaps you've been the one to upset someone else and feel frustrated with yourself?

It's human nature to mentally revisit upsetting experiences as a way of processing an experience.

Holding onto resentment is considered a way of punishing yourself or the other person. However, by carrying around this negative feeling, you are hurting yourself, because this drains your resources. Ultimately, you add more stress and anxiety to your mindset and physical body.

Believing in yourself can be a real challenge if you lack self respect and self love, which can make it even more difficult to simply forgive. Not many people have mastered the true art of self love, but when you can be satisfied in your own skin, you will find that things and circumstances bother you much less frequently, you will have an ability to let things go with minimal fight because you stay centered from your core and are true to who you are and your self-belief.

If you feel people are constantly criticizing or judging you, remember that it is your own internal processing system that makes you decide what they are saying is upsetting. You are effectively judging yourself, because chances are they have hit a nerve in an area where you feel weakness. And in turn, for them to say or do something hurtful to you is a result of their own criticism in themselves. So effectively you become not only a victim to them, but to yourself as well.