Resorts Moonlight Fun

Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel
Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Who doesn’t love the moonlight? There’s just something magical that happens when the sun sinks and the moon rises. Night casts a romantic, mysterious, adventurous and even calming affect. These resorts amp up the moonlight game for guests who thrill to the night sky, offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Moonlight Desert Picnic in Peru

Hotel Paracas, A Luxury Collection, is situated on Peru’s western coast, an area studded with beautiful beaches, uninhabited islands, and some of the country’s most pristine national parks. Guests can take a 4x4 into the desert for an atmopsheric moonlight picnic complete with a makeshift teepee, floor cushions, and lanterns in the sand.

Moonlit Yoga in Coachella Valley, California

Renew and relax under the desert sky with a full moon yoga practice at Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa. Guests can enjoy the warm winter California weather as they set their intention for their best life with the Santa Rosa Mountains supplying a dramatic backdrop.

Moonlight Meditation in Florida

The Resort at Longboat Key Club offers guests complimentary “Moonlight Meditation” sessions that take place once a month when the moon is full. A certified instructor guides the class into meditation while his partner plays music on singing bowls. The class is held in different spots from the marina to beachfront to the soft grass on the golf course-- depending on where the moon shines brightest.

Moon, Wine and Water in Guatemala

Located in its own private reserve within the jungles of Peten in northern Guatemala (close to Tikal), Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel offers a “Moon & Wine” boat tour. The trip can be personalized with a bartender on board and small bites from the hotel’s Shultun Restaurant.

Moonlit Nature Walk in Costa Rica

Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort in Arenal spreads across 900 acres of natural reserve in Costa Rica. Much of the property’s wildlife is best viewed after dark. The hotel has partnered with a local guide to provide a nighttime nature walk that leads travelers on a moonlit search for tree frogs, glass butterflies, and caiman, among others.

Moonlight Bike Ride in Arizona

The Boulders Resort and Spa, located in the Sonoran Dessert foothills of Scottsdale, is the setting for a memorable moonlight bike ride. Guests can take to the resort’s paths, illuminated by the light of high-tech handlebar-mounted LED systems and, of course, the moonlight.

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