Resource, Nestle's Premium Water, Is For 'Trendy,' 'Higher-Income' Women

Now There's A Bottled Water For 'Trendy,' Rich Women Only

Haven't you always said to yourself, you know what the world needs? "High-end" bottled water for ladies.

We thought so. Luckily, Nestle is here to fill the apparent void in the current "premium bottled water" market.

Nestle's Resource will join other bottled-water brands like Fiji Water and Evian trying to capitalize on the "ladies who lunch" demographic, reported The New York Times. Upon seeing the piece in the print version of the Times, New York Daily News editor Josh Greenman tweeted his faux joy:

According to Resource's group marketing manager, Larry Cooper, the ideal consumer of Resource water is "a woman who is a little more on the trendy side and higher-income side, and the bull’s-eye is 35 years old." To promote the water's status, the brand will be featured on "America's Next Top Model" and endorsed by Bobbie Thomas on the "Today" show.

resource water
(We seriously doubt that overpriced bottled water will enlighten anyone.)

Beyond the obvious fact that paying extra for "high-end" water is completely ridiculous -- honestly, we're pretty upset that premium water is even a thing at all -- we're ready to see advertisers market big-ticket items like cars and mortgages to female consumers, not just supposedly healthier, purer H20.

If we're going to be subjected to absurd ad campaigns that feature interpretive dancer yogis, let's have them for products that female consumers need and can afford. There's nothing new about marketing high end, "healthy" food and drink to women. Treating them like they make the major purchasing decisions they do? That would be near revolutionary.

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