Resourceful Dad Shares Awesome Diaper Genie Hack For Parents

“We’ve saved a lot of money with this one!”

Parents, prepare for some hack magic!

Vermont dad is sharing one way that parents of babies can make more cost effective decisions.

On Monday, Jesse Lawyer posted a Diaper Genie hack on Reddit.

”Diaper Genie Users: save the blue ring and use your own trash bags,” he wrote. “We’ve saved a lot of money with this one!”

Lawyer told HuffPost he has an 11-month-old daughter named Charlotte and first discovered this hack when she was about 3 months old ― when they first ran out of refills.

Though some Reddit users pointed out that the Diaper Genie bags are scented to keep the odor out, Lawyer found that switching to regular, unscented trash bags didn’t make a big difference.

“We have found that as long as the lid is closed, there doesn’t seem to be any smell at all,” he told HuffPost.

Lawyer’s family had a stockpile of free garbage bags they’d received from someone who didn’t need them, so he says the hack has certainly been economical.

“I can’t say exactly how much money we have saved,” the dad said. “But considering what we consider to be high prices of refills for what they are, I imagine we have saved at least a few hundred dollars by now.”

Parenting hacks for the win!