13 Perfect Responses To Street Harassment

13 Perfect Responses To Street Harassment

All too often women experience street harassment and don't know what to do. Sometimes we want to respond but can't quite think of anything to say in the moment. While every situation is different and each woman should deal with her harassers as she sees fit, we wanted to provide some comebacks that can be kept in your back pocket (for those days when your creativity and wit fail you).

Over the weekend, the Twitter followers of the Everyday Sexism Project shared their most humorous and amusing responses to unwanted attentions. Take a look at our 13 favorites -- hopefully, they'll help you feel a bit more confident in your reaction the next time you encounter street harassment.

1. Feign ignorance.

2. Bark back.

3. Point out a certain anatomical dilemma.

4. Use what Mother Nature gave you.

5. Put your own spin on their advice.

6. Introduce your harasser to new, like-minded people.

7. Fact-check their statements.

8. Direct your harasser to Lost and Found. Maybe they will find what they're looking for there?

9. Be honest.

10. Attempt to educate.

11. Explain how a conversation works.

12. Discuss meal preference.

13. Invoke the late, great Jane Austen.

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