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Is Your Sense of Responsibility Working for You or Against You?

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Have you ever considered your sense of responsibility and if it's working for you or against you in what you ultimately want to achieve in your life? Being responsible is definitely essential. However, your degree of responsibility could be getting in your own way. That is of discovering who you truly are as an individual and what you have to contribute and experience in this world. Fear of the unknown, reasons or excuses we tell ourselves or others can simply get in the way. As a result, we remain on the same path or in the same situation without trying something new, and therefore limiting our true potential and outcomes. A case of when sense of responsibility is working against us here. It's a universal truth that anything extreme is not necessarily good for us. Exercising to exhaustion, becoming a workaholic, overdosing on fiber/vitamins/water/caffeine, excessive worrying, and feeling stifled in development or in a career are all examples of when our commitment to goals has exceeded the limit. We may have even neglected to listen to our heart, mind, body, and soul. More cases of when sense of responsibility is working against us. Recognizing when this occurs is important so we can take a step back. Then decide if this is the way we want to continue. You always have a choice and you can decide today what you want your path to be now and for the future. Some planning is essential for success. Planning is when sense of responsibility is working for us. As long as we allow ourselves to execute new actions that would lead us to embracing change and the new journey. Next time, when you are struggling with making some difficult decisions in your life, connect with yourself on a deeper level and ask yourself these few questions. Then really listen to the answers and consider journaling what may come up to reflect on it further.
  • What does your heart tell you? (Passion/Love/Desire)
  • What does your gut tell you? (Intuition)
  • What does your body tell you? (Physical/Stress indicators/Emotions revealed)
  • What does your mind tell you? (Rational Responsible self)
Try to find some harmony between your heart, intuition, body, and mind. Think through your approach, and then create a step-by-step plan for yourself with action steps. You may need to compromise in the short term to achieve your long term success and dreams. Again, here's your sense of responsibility working for you, and in this case it's exactly what we want! Namaste!

Would love to hear how your sense of responsibility is working for you and any insight gained! And if you're still struggling with your sense of responsibility, then tell us how. Acknowledge it, feel it, release it! So be sure to share your thoughts below in the comments and/or on the C&R Self blog! If you feel inspired by this article, then like it, share it, and/or comment below.

Originally posted October 2012 on Courageous & Remarkable Self blog

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