Rest in Peace, Commonsense

Grieving is a strange thing.

It’s especially odd when you don’t expect to do it.

I’ve spent the last year lampooning this election via a host of mediums. I’d tweet about it. Write jokes for my stand-up act about it. Write articles for Huffington Post about it. Much of my vitriol being aimed at one person in particular; Donald J. Trump.

Here’s the thing, I never actually considered the possibility that he could get elected. That’s my bad. That’s all on me. I had faith that people were rational enough to not vote for someone that’s so clearly a danger domestically and globally. No experience. None. Politically or otherwise. A bad businessmen. A letch. At worst a fascist dictator that would stop at nothing to hold the most powerful position in the land and at best a narcissistic bigot. There’s no way. None. Right?

“I wouldn’t want my niece in the same room with him much less elect him President of the United States!”

“I wouldn’t want my niece in the same room with him much less elect him President of the United States!” is a thing I said last week. I wrongly assumed that WAY more people felt the same way than they actually did. That’s my bad. That’s all on me. Again.

Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate, no question. But she was flawed in ways that all life-long politicians are flawed. Did I agree with her stance on big banks and wall street? Hell no. Did I like that she waffled on the trans-pacific partnership? Not at all. Did it make me uncomfortable that she never really addressed the Dakota Access Pipeline? Completely. But she was qualified for the job. She also lobbied hard for the interests of ALL people. ALL people. Equality. It seems important right?

I’m a 39 year old white male. I’m going to be fine.

But today I grieve for and with all of my friends that aren’t.

My gay, lesbian, and transgendered friends that have fought so hard to have their voices heard and now face an uncertain future under the Trump/Pence umbrella of government.

Immigrant friends that now fear deportation because of our new leader.

Muslim friends that now feel like there isn’t opportunity in America to have a better life.

People of color that no longer feel like the person running the country has their best interests in mind and might not even consider them at all.

Women. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what else to say. I’m so sorry.

Maybe tomorrow we can dust ourselves off and fight. Today I’m just going to grieve with my friends.

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